Ski Center

Ski Center

The term Helmos means snowy mountain is the mountain range of northern Peloponnese located for the most part of the prefecture of Achaia and less in the prefecture of Corinth, north of the province of Kalavryta at an altitude 2,355 m. (The highest peak). The ancient name of the mountain was Aroania Mountains ex Aroanios river that springs in Planitero a wonderful area on the slope of Mount.

Journey to the ancient myths

Myths, legends and history impress visitors and challenge historic researchers. From Neraidorachi Waters of Styx, the Planitero as the Ski Centre of Kalavryta, the Elatofyto as Souvardo, hundreds are the points that cause the admiration of visitors. Most of us have heard of the mythical waters of Styx, the waters of the terrible river leaked to the underworld. Around the impressive landscape of Styx has erected a peculiar mythology. The Styx was a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys and participated in Titanomachy taking the place of Zeus. In the waters of Styx bathed the Nereid Thetis her son Achilles to remain immortal leaving him with only one vulnerable spot, the heel of which was keeping him.

The oath of the Gods

The Waters of Styx swore the Olympian gods and their oath to this was sacrosanct. The perjurer cease to participate in the councils of the gods and enjoy the nectar and ambrosia. In this Sun vowed to satisfy every request of his son Phaethon, so can not refuse his chariot, which the inexperienced young led clumsy killing himself.

The terrible Hades River

The ancients believed that the point falling waters of the Styx were the gates of Hades because at this point there is an opening leading to a cave. Pausanias described the waters of the Styx fatal for humans and animals. The only deity that could reach fearlessly Styx and convey messages of Zeus was the Iris, the winged messenger. The color of the water seems to be black, as they lick the rock before falling from above. For this color is said that once the goddess Demeter, to escape Poseidon who chased transformed into mare. But when kathreftistike waters of Styx, from which it passed, and saw how bad it was, the cursed tan.


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